"When you walk up to opportunity's door, don't knock, kick that bitch in, and introduce yourself!" - Dwane Johnson

Are You Ready to Treat Your Business, Like a Business? Let us help you and your team ensure no lead is left behind and all prospects are followed up with!

Sales Statistics:

-Nurtured prospects typically result in 20% more sales opportunities than non-nurtured.

-80% of sales require five follow-ups after the initial contact, but 44% of salespeople give up after one (stop wasting your marketing dollars).

-35-50% of all sales are won by the company who responds first

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2)Review Demo Video & Schedule Time to Chat

3)Follow easy 5 step process to purchase workspace in welcome email.

4)Workspace & Automation setup within 3-5 business day from payment

5)Schedule 30 minute walkthrough which is recorded and provided to the client for review.



What kind of support is included?

-We provide continued support of the product should there be any technical issues that arise.

-Thursday afternoons we provide an hour session to any active members to jump on our Zoom screen share to get technical and advance questions answered live.

-A private Facebook group for CRM members only

-Access to our Voxer to allow for quick questions to be answered

-All apps, items, files, and comments are backed up automatically daily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is included?

The best damn fully automated real estate investment Podio suite available. Beast Mode V4.1 is geared towards wholesaling. We are not trying to be everything to everyone, so it either fits your business model or doesn't... no hard feelings if we are not a fit



We have the ability for an additional charge, based on the amount of data being transferred to keep it all! If your moving from a CRM company that is Podio based, we can transfer item data, comments, files, and task into the new workspace we setup for you. NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING YOUR DATA, FILES, OR COMMENTS!!!



Yes all of your data is backed up automatically every night! If you need to restore from a backup please contact our support via the support ticket email.


4) What about automated follow up?

Yes automated text (CallRail Local Phone #) and Sly Broadcast voicemail blast are integrated into the setup. Best of all it uses your CallRail account and Sly Broadcast account so you own the numbers. You can create fully customized follow up sequences to a specific seller if you so choose or simply pick a default.


5) Can we send text from local phone numbers?

Yes, we setup the system to text out from a local CallRail phone number using SMS: in the comment section of the Property Lead App.


6) Is the Offer Section connected to any evaluation API's?

Yes our Offer App is connected to pull values back from Zillow & Total View. On top of those values being pulled back directly into the Podio Item, links to Zillow solds, Eppriasal, & Total View are provided.


7) Does the system track marketing metrics automatically?

Yes as calls come in from your CallRail account it will find the matching marketing phone # in the Campaign Tracker App. The Campaign Tracker app will provide things like: response rate, cost per lead, seller leads by campaign, appointments by campaign, cost per appointment, offers per campaign, contracts per campaign, conversion rate to sold, avg profit per deal, total revenue. All of this is automatically done in the background.


8) Does the system come with a CEO Dashboard of Reports?

 Yes when you log into your Workspace you will see reports with some of the following data: Seller Calls today, this week, per month, per year, Mail sent last 7 days, last 30 days, month to month, Seller leads by marketing campaign for the year & current month, Seller leads today, appointments per month, offers per month, contracts per month, pipeline report (possible revenue), monthly revenue, annual revenue, sold properties by marketing campaign.


9) Can I get advance integrations done in the workspace?

Yes, we have a partnership THE best Podio consultant in the market. After a ticket is submitted requesting additional integrations, we will setup a time to discuss the requirement and scope of work. Don't worry though it's not going to cost an arm and leg...the prices per project are very reasonable.